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What is the best non-Twilight performance of a Twilight star?

A simple look at IMDB proves that the list of our favorite Twi-stars other performances is long. In my search for a little Twi-star love to tide me over until Eclipse, I hardly know what movies to pick.

Sure, IMDB tells you whether they were in the movie, but they don't give you other essentials, like how much screen time did they get? How many lines did they have? Did their character wear many clothes? Was there any frontal nudity? Were there any sex or masturbation scenes?

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What fic finds you nestled all snug in your bed while visions of Carlisles and Edwards dance in your head?

It's Bellie and Eddie time, folks. And the Winter 2010 round has something new and brilliant: "Story that Haunts Your Dreams". This is a category dedicated to fic that pwns you so hard you have to read it again. And again. And again. A fic that hurts so good you can't stop thinking about it, not even in your sleep.

I rarely go back and read entire fics (especially since I'm into a lot of lonnnng multi-chapters), but I certainly go back for individual chapters and scenes. When I think of who I will nominate for this category, here is a list of juicies that definitely haunts my dreams:

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Five Fic Fridays (one day early)

I'll spend most of tomorrow in airports and on planes, so I'm releasing this a few days early. For those of you who missed last week's intro, I'll be rec'ing my favorite finds every Friday. The focus is on a combination of must-reads and hidden gems, and I'll make deliberate attempts to stay away from fic I suspect everyone knows. Since I'm new to the fandom, not all my fic recs will be new, but I can promise they'll all be really good :) Here's what I read and loved this week:

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