Five Fic Friday - 11-13-09

Sometimes it's slim pickin's but this week was a great week. I discovered five fics that are pwning me hard. So hard, in fact that I may have frightened a few of the authors with some over the top fangirling. That's what they get for writing such awesome fic...

The Hummer by mabarbarella (vamp, twist on canon, CxB, NC-17/M, oneshot): I can't tell you the plot without revealing spoilers you'll want to read on your own, but here is what I will say: it is a completely credible Carlisle x Bella, perhaps the only one I have ever seen. They Cullens are vampires and Bella is still human. It goes A/U somewhere near the end of Eclipse. Beyond the credible plot is a smoking hot lemon. The first time I read this (yes, it was so hot I read it twice) I had to stop a few times to remember myself :)

Immersion by katmom (vamp, AU, E/B, NC-17, WIP): In this amazingly-written twist on canon, Bella is a member of the Cullen vampire coven and Edward is a "human at large". Same premise as Twilight--the Cullens return to forks to attend high school, but instead of Bella recognizing Edward as her singer, katmom takes the "imprinting" concept and has Bella and Edward both imprint on one another. She comes up with an ingenious way (which I won't reveal) to show what it feels like to be half of an imprinted pair. The thing I love most about this fic is how she writes their emotions and, again, provides a totally credible AU. Right now, it's 4 chapters in, but it will only be 6 chapters long(that's another thing I love about this fic--katmom is a totally effective storyteller, and she doesn't need 100,000 words to do it). No lemons so far, just a few limes. But the limes are really sweet :)

Shoots and Ladders by heelstominivan and NaughtySparkle(AU/AH, ExJ, NC-17/M, one-shot): Submitted to the For the Love of Jasper contest, in this fic, Jasper is a fireman (now, stop and think about that; visualize sweaty, sooty-faced Jasper fighting fires). Add Edward to the mix (yeah, stop and visualize that, too). He's the fire chief and Jasper's boss, and though they have to work as a team to save lives, they don't get along. But, friendship and sex are often unrelated--so just because they hate each other doesn't mean they don't fuck. There are two *panty-soaking* lemons in this little ditty. Final note: the authors are totally underrated, so if you read this, leave those girls some love. And ask for a sequel! The contest is over, and I'd love to see more of this one.

Controlled Burn by staceygirl aka jackbauer (AU/AH, ExB, T, WIP): Speaking of someone I've been fangirling hard, here's another one by staceygirl. I rec'd "Unspoken" last week and only after visiting her author page did I notice she wrote several other fic. I gave Controlled Burn a try, and I am completely hooked, which says a lot since I am a smut-ster and this is rated T. In this fic, Bella is Alice's best friend and Edward is Alice's little brother (and some 7 years Bella's junior). Yet, instead of a "love at first sight" type of plot where they fall in love immediately as legal adults and deal with the age difference, staceygirl shows us a much richer history--one in which Edward's boyhood crush on Bella grows into a very adult love for her, and one in which Bella comes to see Edward as a man. Extremely sweet, astonishingly well-written, not too angsty, and she gives us several great outtakes.

The Naked Guy Upstairs by Angry Badger Girl (AU/AH, ExB, NC-17/M, WIP): I know I said I'd try to focus FFF on hidden gems, and this one's pretty well-known. It was so what I needed on my crusade for fic that wouldn't make me cry or spiral into a deep depression, that I had to rec it. It has an intriguing plot, strong writing, light angst and high lemons. Edward and Bella are neighbors who start a friends with benefits arrangement. Things get complicated when it becomes more than an arrangement and since it's still a WIP that aspect has not yet been completely dealt with. I love her interpretation of the ExB characters, and of course it is quite funny.