About kilby blades



I'm a high profile business executive by day, a writer of smart contemporary fiction by night, a lover of words and an admirer of the artists who arrange them cleverly. I'm the mother of two, an oenophile, a cinephile, and above all else, a hopeless fic fiend.

It seems fitting to tell you that my real name isn’t Kilby Blades.  Given the, erm...racy nature of the content I write, I prefer to stay in the closet.  Before I became Kilby Blades,  various handles I used to publish fan fiction hid me behind the curtain of anonymity for many years. In my largest fandom, Twilight, my four stories tally more than 1.5 million chapters read, and have received a combined 15,000 favorites, reviews and follows.  Though I haven't written for Twilight since 2012, I still receive scores of favorites and follows each month. Prior to Twilight, I wrote under different nom de plumes for Divergent, Prison Break, The West Wing, and Dawson's Creek.

Fanfiction has led me to some of my greatest friends, taken me on several epic adventures, made me a better writer, editor, and even a better reader.  The name Kilby Blades was inspired by my late fictionista friend of the same name.  She passed away in 2003 at the end of a long autoimmune illness that we didn’t know nearly enough about at the time.  We were both in our early twenties when she died.  It’s hard to explain how somebody who is gone can still hold such an important place in my life.  But Kilby does.

In addition to being an amazing person with intelligence, wisdom, and heart around all manner of things, she was, for years, the most important person in my writing life. She told me when my writing sucked, did so with the right balance of compassion and truth, and stepped up my game around big concepts of craft. I dedicated my first original novel, Snapdragon, to her and have chosen to write under her name as an homage.


Oh, I'm sorry. you wanted the dry version?

Kilby Blades is the CMO of a successful tech start-up, and has a long history of moonlighting as a writer and editor. Since earning her MBA from a top program in 2005, she has juggled a busy career, two children and a handful of writing gigs to feed her addiction.  Prior to launching her career writing original fiction, she was an award-winning travel essayist and non-fiction book writer, a decorated fan fiction author in the Twilight fandom, a successful ghostwriter and a well-read blogger with columns on Medium.com, Huffington Post, Examiner.com and a leading entertainment blog.




Age: 37

Location: California

All Time Favorite Book: 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Favorite Musical Genres: Singer/Songwriter, Classic Rock, Old School Hip-Hop

Who I Sing Along to In The Car: David Bowie, Queen, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Indigo Girls, Buena Vista Social Club

The Band I Listen To When I Write: Iron & Wine

Romance Writers Whose Work I Stalk:  S.T. Abby, L.G. O'Connor, Rose Mashal