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Five Fic Fridays (one day early)

I'll spend most of tomorrow in airports and on planes, so I'm releasing this a few days early. For those of you who missed last week's intro, I'll be rec'ing my favorite finds every Friday. The focus is on a combination of must-reads and hidden gems, and I'll make deliberate attempts to stay away from fic I suspect everyone knows. Since I'm new to the fandom, not all my fic recs will be new, but I can promise they'll all be really good :) Here's what I read and loved this week:

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Introducing Five Fic Fridays

I read fic every day. Awesome fic. Fic that doesn't make it on my "Fic I Stalk My Box For" list, not because it doesn't rock, but for various other reasons (e.g., they are one-shots, they are complete, or because the list would be very long if I maintained a complete list of every fic that is pwning me!)

Enter Five Fic Fridays. Every Friday, I'll let you in on five fics that I started or finished reading that week that made me love being a fic fiend. Some will be new, many will be older, but all of them will be fics I read and reviewed that week. Here are this week's picks:

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