New Moon Premiere: Time To Represent

Do you remember when you were little and your mom was taking you somewhere exciting (like the circus), how she'd make you take an extra nap?  She knew that between the place she was taking you and your excitement over that place, without a nap you'd tire yourself out.  But then, do you remember how you didn't want to take a nap, even though you knew you needed one, because the place you were going was so heart-poundingly exciting you couldn't settle down enough to sleep?  New Moon is my circus.  Today is the day.  And I am so f*ing excited.

The plan:

9:00PM- Be jealous of east coast people, who are already watching the movie
10:15PM- Pick up decaf w/hazelnut from Peet's
10:30PM- Show up at local theater (which is showing it on 13 screens at 12:01AM).  Brave maddened crowds.
10:35PM-10:45PM- Glare at Team Jacob bitches while preening in my Team Edward t-shirt.  Quickly get over myself
11:20PM- Ask fans I have by now made friends with in line to hold my spot while I buy an enormous tub of popcorn.  Offer to pick them up some sour patch kids
11:55PM- Head into IMAX theater where a special lens will allow the film to be shown 2x larger
12:10AM- Scream my head off when the previews are over and New Moon starts.
12:30AM- Wipe at my eyes with a hankie when Edward leaves Bella alone in the woods
12:55AM- Secretly like it when Jacob takes off his shirt and secretly not be ashamed that I am old enough to be his mother
1:45AM- Cream over Protectward as he saves his woman!
2:45AM- Back home, fall into a blissful sleep

So...what's your plan?

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