What is the best non-Twilight performance of a Twilight star?

A simple look at IMDB proves that the list of our favorite Twi-stars other performances is long. In my search for a little Twi-star love to tide me over until Eclipse, I hardly know what movies to pick.

Sure, IMDB tells you whether they were in the movie, but they don't give you other essentials, like how much screen time did they get? How many lines did they have? Did their character wear many clothes? Was there any frontal nudity? Were there any sex or masturbation scenes?

And, after New Moon, I am feeling a little squicky about my Puma-ish reaction to Taylor and potentially other twi-stars if I see movies where they were really young (I am writing nas-tay versions of fic Bella, mind you--it kind of makes me want to stay away from Panic Room.)

All that said, I want your recs. What must-see prior works do you recommend? If they happen to involve The Peach I'd be A-OK with that. Mabarberella already gave me one today :)