Teaser: Centuries of Practice (CxB One-Shot)

This fic is an AU inspired by the blatant UST between Carlisle and Bella in the film rendition of New Moon (don’t pretend you didn’t catch it—they were practically eating each other in the “stitching” scene in Carlisle’s study). It is currently in beta with mabarberella and you can thank SassenachWench for encouraging me to write it. It should post some time before the end of the weekend. Enjoy the teaser, and put me on author alert if you like it! :)


Centuries of Practice




Carlisle, Bella


Of three things I was absolutely certain. First, I got off on licking Isabella Swan. Second, some part of her—I wasn’t sure how prominent that part—got off on it too. And third, if that girl didn’t stop showing up alone in my study, she was going to find herself rightly and thoroughly fucked.

* * * * *


In the study, right after Carlisle finishes stitching her as a result of the Jasper debacle


Bella has asked whether he can give her something for the pain


“There is one other thing that might help…”

Her eyes as she studied me—cautious, but open—proved her instincts were sharp.

“As long as it’s not something weird…like acupuncture.”

I laughed, but she didn’t. Bella didn’t totally grasp that she was funny.

“It’s not acupuncture, but you might find it strange.”

She raised an eyebrow and admitted a dry “I’m intrigued.”

“I could use my venom.”

Her eyes widened in shock. It figured that she didn’t know.

“In trace amounts, vampire venom greatly accelerates the healing of human injuries.”

Her eyes registered something close to humiliation as they once again flew to the floor.

“Edward always told me venom is dangerous to humans. He never told me—“

There’s a lot Edward doesn’t tell you.

“Your blood sings to him, Bella. He may shy away from healing your scrapes and bruises because he fears even a little taste.”

She brought her fingers up to run them through her hair.

“So if you lick my cut…” she began carefully as she sought my eyes, “…what, exactly, will happen?”

I will savor your exquisite taste.

“The venom will anaesthetize some of the pain while helping to close the wound.”

Hesitation featured on her face, and I knew why she was conflicted. She saw me as Edward’s father and the idea of me licking her probably creeped her out.

If she only knew…

* * * * *

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