Facebook Friends Chapter 14 Teaser

BPOV (teaser begins mid-scene)

...but now was the time, and Edward deserved the truth and, for him, I’d put it all on the line.

Speaking of putting things on the line…

I glanced in wonder at the boom box by my side. It had taken only an hour to find it in my Dad’s garage but a full four to track down something appropriate on cassette. I’d had the whole ride to Port Angeles to sort through my mental music files and pick out the perfect song.

I hit two vintage stores that I knew sold tapes, but found nothing that remotely fit, much less the one song I was looking for. Half an hour at an internet café and zero leads later, I was stuck with the tape that sat in the player. Before I had to resort to scanning the first tape of the “Freedom Rock” album for appropriate songs, I tried Freecycle and E-Bay local as a last-ditch attempt, hoping some random Port Angelite had what I wanted. I nearly fainted when I saw that the tape that I wanted was on auction for only $2.75.

Holy shit, it’s at Plastic Fantastic.

I raced there as fast as my truck would take me. Wet, frantic and no-doubt looking just a little scary, I made a beeline for the register.

“Hey, you’re Cullen’s girl!”

I had never been so happy to see the caught-in-a-time-warp hippie.

“Thank God you remember me,” I breathed, practically collapsing in relief on the glass display case counter. “Listen, I screwed up with Edward. I need to get him back. And I think you have something that could help.”

I elaborated, telling him about the boom box and my crisis of lack of tape.

“Righteous plan, babe! Very “Say Anything”—but are you sure you got the right song? What about “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” or “Can’t Fight This Feeling?”” He waggled his eyes conspiratorially. “A little REO Speedwagon never hurt.”

“I don’t know…” I hedged.

“Ooh! I got it!” he exclaimed triumphantly, snapping a soulful finger and breaking into song. “I wanna take a little time…a little time to think things over…I better read between the lines…in case I need it when I’m older…”

Grabbing an unseen guitar from behind the counter and switching into the right key, he wailed into the chorus to “I Wanna Know What Love Is”.  Ready to burst into tears from the kind of day I was having, I stood there helplessly and let him finish the song. When he broke out of his reverie, he refocused on me. My face must’ve given it away.

“No?” he asked, wincing.

I just shook my head. He disappeared for a moment and returned with my tape.

“Then this is on me, babe--not that you need it. Cullen’s totally in love.”

* * * * *

And there's your spoiler, folks.  Chapter 14 has been difficult to finalize and is on its third iteration.  Thanks a lot for your patience.  I expect the full chapter out (as well as outtakes with the stuff that was going in earlier versions of the chapter) to be posted well before the weekend :)
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