Oh, Golden Lemon Awards, thank you for understanding that "Best Lemon" just isn't good enough...

Thank God for Twitter.  If not for the big T how would I have found out about The Golden Lemon Awards?  Now, it looks like this is its first go-round for these awards, but I can already tell they will be totally perv-tastic.  How do I know this?  Because it is asking fans to nominate lemony award categories they'd like to see as a precursor to nominating fic!

Dirty girl that I am, I have already suggested several categories.  The last one is my favorite and I hope it gets picked up:

  • Best dirty talk
  • Best use of a sparkle peen
  • Best vampire + human lemon
  • Best gang-bang
  • Best cum-shot
  • Best sexification of an unsexy character ::cough*Esme*cough::
  • Best lemony diversion on a canon moment
  • Lemony fic scene you'd pay good money to join

So, friends, go forth and nominate all the lemony categories you'd like to see!  But not before sharing with all of us which categories will you suggest!
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