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Four Books. Four Awards. And an Amazing time in Denver at RWA 2018!

It's hard to even know how to begin this article. My experience at RWA this year is a lot different from my first year in Orlando in 2017. Not knowing anything about anything that first year, I blindly followed the advice of my book bestie, L.G. O'Connor. I signed up too late to have secured appointments with agents and editors, and, either way, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to go traditional. But I was sick of sitting at home in my bathrobe, writing and swilling coffee. It seemed a good opportunity to get out of the house. So I went. I attended workshops. I had, literally, no place to be. I met other authors. I visited the overwhelming swag room. And I watched nominees walk across the stage to accept RITA Awards.

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"The Secret Ingredient" and "Crocodile Tears" are Finalists in the Unpublished Stiletto Awards!

More news on the awards front: this time about two unpublished manuscripts I've been sweating over for months: the Contemporary Romance Writers of America have named "Crocodile Tears" and "The Secret Ingredient" as finalists in their unpublished Stiletto Contest! 

These books are very special to me. I'll be blogging about them one of these days and releasing teaser pages that show off the plot. For the time being, it means a lot to get the scorecards, hear validation that judges liked both, and to see where these manuscripts may need work.

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The Sad Tale of Why "The Secret Ingredient" Will Not Be Submitted to Kindle Scout

 I was stoked to have made the decision to try out Kindle Scout for the next title you've heard me rave about, The Secret Ingredient, a culinary romance about a frustrated female television chef named Marcella and her sexy neighbor-for-the-summer, Max. Cella, ostensibly there to write her next cookbook is licking her wounds from a number of professional failures, and is itching for a break from her predatory agent, Liz. It just so happens that the guy who owns the house next door is the nephew of a late, lauded chef whose restaurant closed when she died…

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