I'm (Finally) Releasing "The Secret Ingredient" on March 25th!


Remember when I posted a whole page on my website about how psyched I was to release The Secret Ingredient, and how I’d started asking folks to support my forthcoming Amazon Scout campaign? Then, remember how, just weeks before my Scout campaign was set to release, Amazon cancelled the program? Yeah. I remember that, too.

I won’t regale you with the long, boring story of what I did next and why it took me so long to just publish it already. What’s most important is that it will be available very, very soon. On March 25rd, The Secret Ingredient will be available across all digital retailers and on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in paperback!

So what is this book about? It’s a flirty, fun culinary romance that has;

  1. A curvy heroine who's an international celebrity

  2. A hot doctor hero with ghosts from his past

  3. A cozy beach-front town and townspeople who don't like to mind their own business.

  4. It's even got an interloping beagle named Cujo who looks like this beagle right here:


The Official Blurb

TV chef Cella journeys to an idyllic seaside town to write an Italian cookbook. She's also mourning a failed restaurant project, dodging her predatory agent, and finding respite from soul-crushing fame. When she learns that her new neighbor, Max, is the nephew of a late, famed Italian restaurateur, she convinces him to teach her authentic touches that will help her write the book.

This is a mixed blessing for guilt-ridden Max, who botched his own attempt to become a chef—a failure that’s left his aunt’s restaurant sitting empty for years. No one’s challenged Cella in the kitchen in ages. Max’s fiery disposition sparks her intuition and reminds her how to feel the food. 

But the heat between Max and Cella may be hotter than the flames on the stove. Max's gentlemanly nature and Cella's professionalism stop being enough to keep them apart. With Max's vacation ending and Cella slated to return to L.A. at summer’s end, how will they ever say goodbye?

Want to Read an Excerpt?

Download a sample from any retail site where The Secret Ingredient is sold! I’ll be posting a “Story Behind the Story” article within the next couple of weeks to tell you about a chain of events you’re probably not expecting that led me to write this story.

Happy reading!

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