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RSJ Emma Awards for Diversity in Romance Honor Kilby Blades as Best Debut Author

I'll admit it--it's been a tough year for me in terms of discovering truths about the industry--and, by that, I mean coming to some realizations about how far we still have to go with respect to promoting diversity in romance. I certainly knew that we were underrepresented--that it seemed more difficult for diverse authors to get traditional publishing contracts and, if we get them, to have good experience with our publishers around marketing and promotion. I did not know until recently about a litany of other issues--from earning retail space, to being dropped from publishing, to problems with book displays and shelving, to serious issues with the RITA Awards.

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The Chrysalis Release Party is On!

Chrysalis releases on July 14th! Want to come to the Release Day Party? You Can RSVP here! I'll be bringing up the rear at 7:30PM EST/4:30PM PST with prize winner announcements and other fun (warning: I probably will have been drinking, so...yeah, do what you want with that). Thirteen amazing authors will be coming online in support of Chrysalis, bringing games, prizes and giveaways of their own. Want to check out the lineup? 

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