"The Art of Worship" is a Holt Medallion Finalist for Best Novella; "Snapdragon" is a Finalist for Best Erotic Romance and Best First Book!

In the dumbest of all first world problems, I was starting to get worried. I've received more amazing accolades for Snapdragon than I ever could have hoped. But Snapdragon wasn't the only book I released this past year--it was one of three, and one of two that I've put my hat in for contests. Up until now, The Art of Worship (which I actually think is a better book) hasn't gotten any love.

I am thrilled to announce that at least a few people had the courage to upvote my novella The Art o Worship. It's got a plot that I've never seen anywhere in the romance world before. Some crazy early fans trusted me based on the merit of Snapdragon and took a chance on it, a fact of which I am endlessly appreciative. I'm hoping this Holt Medallion nod will encourage others to pick it up and take a look at some wonderful reviews, even if it sounds like kind of a weird book.

Beyond my nod for The Art of Worship in the Best Novella category, I was tapped for Snapdragon in the Erotica category and also for Best First Book. As I've said elsewhere, I am so honored by every piece of appreciation my books receive. To me, this is a win. As I've also said, I'm truly appreciative to those who take the time to judge book entries and organize contests. I'm the co-chair for my local chapter book awards and a lot of volunteered time goes into it. A heartfelt thank you!