"Snapdragon" is a National Readers Choice Awards Finalist!

Whoa! Have you seen some of the names on the finalists list for this year's NRCAs? I'm on the same page--twice--with Jill Shalvis. Being in such talented company makes it even sweeter that "Snapdragon" has made it to the finals in this year's National Readers' Choice Awards for Best First Book and Erotic Romance! 

I'll be looking forward to RWA Nationals in Denver in July, where they'll be announcing the winners and where I hope to meet (in person) some of the lovely ladies of OKRWA. In addition to staying with me through some technical problems as I was entering the contest, these girls were all just as sweet as apple pie.

Finally: the thanking part. It's funny thanking people who you won't meet unless they introduce themselves to you. I think some contests encourage judges not to reach out to authors or identify them (at least until the contest is over). Either way, I'd like to send my appreciation to the judges who took the time to read and score my book. XOXOXO