Is stealing a life-size cut-out of Edward a felony or misdemeanor?

I am a 30 year old woman, a productive member of society. If you saw me on the street you would think I was sane. I have never been in trouble with the law--never even had a moving violation, much less been arrested. I thought my status as a fine, upstanding citizen was more or less set in stone. Until today when I came dangerously close to learning whether theft is a felony or misdemeanor.

I blame the life-size cutout of Edward, of course. He snuck up from out of the blue. That he was in black and white and one-dimensional only made him slightly less of a fox. He was taller than me (and I am tall) and he wore that sexy hot smirk. He wore a shiny black suit that fit him "just so". It made me blush like Bella.

But let me back up. This all happened at Nordstrom. In case you didn't get the memo, they have an entire New Moon clothing line. I myself didn't get the memo until this morning, when I was innocently walking by the teen section en route to more age-appropriate wear. I was lured in by a prominently displayed "Team Edward" t-shirt, and from there I started to browse. That's where I came across the life-sized Edward and Jacob. That's where I stood momentarily frozen in awe. That's when my mind immediately started scheming on how I could sneak it out the door and get it home.

Thankfully, I remembered myself, which doesn't mean I'm not willing to break the law to procure a life-sized Edward, only that I now have a plan. I'm not above finding out when the display will break down and snaking it before it hits the dumpster :) Plus, I could probably use the time to condition my husband to the idea of an Edward in our bedroom.

(Aside: also in the New Moon section at my Nordstrom are a lot of plaid flannel shirts. They're kind of girly but kind of frumpy, like the ones Bella wore in Twilight. For some reason, I found this *hilarous*)

And there's a semi-happy ending. I'd been wanting a "Team Edward" t-shirt (which, by the way FAR outnumbered the tucked-away "Team Jacob" ones) and I bought a little brick-colored one I'd been admiring online. And I figured I'd blog about it so I took a picture with my Blackberry so I can remember my paper Edward 'till we meet again :)

So what about you? You can tell us. What's the *craziest* thing you'e ever done for Twilight?

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