Fic Rationing: Updates That Are Too Good To Read

Do you ever get an update for fic so sweet, an update you've been waiting for so long, an update you know will pwn you so hard that you can't f-ing read it? I don't know whether this happens to you, but it happens to me. A lot.

I'll bet some of you might be surprised to know that right now, as I write these words, an update for "Rabbit Hole" by ProfMom, "Irritable Grizzly Adams" by Caligula42 and (don't hit me) "Ithaca Is Gorges" by Giselle-lx are sitting in my Unread Fic folder, untouched. They're not sitting there because I don't love them--they're sitting there because I love them so much that being without the next chapter hurts my heart.

Sure, "Clipped Wings and Inked Armor" by hunterhunting rocks my world, but I read it the second it hits my box because I know another update will be coming within days. But, with some of the other fics, fics that don't update as regularly, I feel like I have to make them last. So I let them sit for awhile, hopefully to soften the blow and shorten the window of time between the chapter-end cliffhanger and the update. An update that I will, ironically, let sit in my box for days. Yeah, I just rolled my eyes.

So, I want to know. Do you ration your fic?
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