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Bid on Items in Support of RAICES in the Authors for Families Charity Auction!

This is a very quick little blog posting just to let folks know that I’m participating in the #AuthorsForFamilies Charity Auction in benefit of @RAICESTEXAS. I've donated a book marketing audit (at least a $350 value) to the auction in order to raise money to support families and individuals who are facing humanitarian crises as a result of southern U.S. border crossing policy and the current treatment of refugees.

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Do You Want to Know What I Did All F*ing Day? Tried to Get Tickets to Hamilton, That's What

Privilege bothers me. I hate the fact that when it comes to food, health care, environmental safety, and nearly everything else in America, the rich have it better, and the poor have it worse. I might be a "have" now, but I used to be a "have not", and even though I have all the good channels on cable, and only eat GMO-Free foods, at least I have the decency to feel guilty about it.

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