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Show Authors Love. Take the Review Pledge

Reviews. They're not just candy for authors hungry for the sugar high of validation. In large number, they are the ambrosia of the gods. They do far more than to merely satiate devoted authors with the knowledge that hours spent toiling over a manuscript served a reader a gratifying meal. They are the very sustenance that nourishes the industry as a whole.

But we're starving for them. And it's not because we're vain, it's because we read our own statistics. And when we see that hundreds or thousands of people are reading our book, we want hundreds or thousands of reviews. 

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Our Love-Hate Relationship with Awards [Author Problems Series]

It feels a bit like high school, doesn't it? Everyone already knows who the popular kids are, so nobody needs to go to the dance to know who will be crowned Homecoming Queen.

We don't quite hate her for it. She is beautiful. And charismatic. We've seen her in action, and we understand why she got it. She probably deserves it, whatever that means. And on some level, we're happy for her. We're just tired of it always being Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

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