I'm "Coming Out" With My First Gay Romance!

I know, I know. That was super-cheesy, the way I said I was “coming out” with my first gay romance. A lot of people didn’t know I even wrote gay romance so the announcement felt a little like—you know what? Nevermind. But, it’s true! I kept it quiet until the ink was dry and the manuscript was submitted, but I’ve now been a few rounds with my editor and I’m finally ready to share the news: my first gay romance, Adam Bomb, will release in 2020!

Adam Bomb Banner - Blog - I'm Coming Out with my First Gay Romance.jpg

This is not the first gay romance I’ve ever written, but that’s a different topic. In fact, here’s a whole different blog topic dedicated to my history of writing gay romance. I don’t want to say much (yet) about Adam Bomb, because there will be time for cover reveals and blurb reveals and hype, but I’ll drop a few breadcrumbs to give you a taste of what Adam Bomb will be like:

  • It’s best friends to lovers

  • Adam is a billionaire hotelier

  • Levi is a well-known celebrity photographer

  • They’ve been friends since they were kids and Levi takes a job in another city when he realizes he’ll never get over his decade-long crush on Adam unless he starts his own life someplace else

  • Adam shows up nine months later, asking for a favor that has the power to suck Levi back in

The final thing I’ll say about Adam Bomb is that it has an adorable dog named Baxter in the book! You know from The Secret Ingredient and Crazy Old Money and even from the end of Chrysalis that I like to put dogs in my books. Instead of having a cover reveal for Adam Bomb, I’ll be doing a (wait for it!) a DOG REVEAL!

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