Meet Michael: Snapdragon Excerpt #1

The world was full of beautiful men, but it wasn’t every day she came face to face with one quite this beautiful.
— Darby's thoughts the first time she sees Michael

So it's time for me to start releasing some details about Snapdragon's, male lead, Michael, or so I'm told by very pushy but very dear friends.  In the coming weeks, I'll start posting some conversation excerpts between Darby and Michael. In the meantime, here's Michael's physical description, in excerpt form from the book:


Broken out of her thoughts by a smooth masculine voice, she let her gaze drift from its absent observation of the wedding reception, in full swing through the panes of large French doors, to the man who'd appeared next to her. Even in low light, she could see that he was uniquely handsome, his full lips and chiseled jaw betraying an otherwise slender heart-shaped face. His nose was uncommonly wide toward the middle, as if it had been broken at some point, but it flattered him somehow. 
"Oh, much, much more..."
Her tone was a bit acerbic for use with a stranger, but there was something about the sarcasm in his own voice that compelled her to answer that way.
"What gave me away?" She turned slightly toward him. Getting a better look, she saw that he was clean-shaven and tall with a swimmer's build, had dark short-cropped hair and some of the most striking dark blue eyes she'd ever seen.  
"Staying as far away as physically possible from the wedding party is usually a clue."
A smile hinted at the corner of his mouth—the combination of full lips and slight laugh lines that she could see would improve with age elevated his status from striking to outright sexy.  The world was full of beautiful men, but it wasn’t every day she came face to face with one quite this beautiful.  
"So I guess that's what you're doing out here?" She leanined a hip against the patio wall.
He shifted so that his posture mirrored hers. "Takes one to know one."
She nodded slightly as she took a healthy dip into her champagne, and for a moment they both looked back toward the party.
“Are you like this at all weddings or is there something about this one in particular?"
His question drew her gaze back to his, and she was glad to have an excuse to look at him again. 
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