Where the f*ck have you been, GreenPuma?

I know.  It's been years.  I've been absent for years.  And you're surprised to hear from me now.  So here's where I give you the short version of where the f*ck I've been and what made me come back.

It's not an extraordinary story, so I'll make it short.  As most of you who knew me were aware, either from my constant complaints about feeling like a beached whale or from my very pregnant belly and excessive grumbling about not being able to drink last Comic-Con, I've been busy adjusting to life with kids.  And not just any kids--two little boys who are the most magical creatures in the world, but who don't like to let mommy sleep, who make mommy drive them wherever they want to go, and who keep mommy busy picking up toys.

The math was pretty simple.  I didn't have much time to read.  I wasn't getting enough rest to be creative enough to write.  Soon after the youngest was born, I gave up my totally flexible work-from-home job to a less cushy work-from-home job that required 40% travel.  For the past few years, I have been in survival mode, and sometimes it feels like I barely got out alive.

Yet, with 2016 came a beacon of hope.  I quit my soul-sucking job.  Both of my kids started full-day school, and I once again became blissfully self-employed.  My writers block disappeared and I picked up a few fic that I had put down.  I finished many of them (and will release the endings to some fanfic that people are waiting for in return for support of my Indiegogo campaign to produce Snapdragon into an audiobook) and I have recrafted some of my WIP as original fic.  I'll say more about all of that later.

In the meantime, stay tuned. And if you're interested in following me again, I look forward to reconnecting!  The new best places to reach me are to follow me on my Kilby Blades Twitter account, my Kilby Blades Facebook account, or by joining my mailing list. Or, if you ever want to send me an e-mail, hit me up at kilby@kilbyblades.com!

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