Support Twilight Fandom Gives Back!

I know what you’re thinking: you can’t afford to give right now. Not when your investment accounts just took a double-digit nosedive. Not when you might lose (or have already lost) your job. Not when the future of the economy seems so uncertain.

Trust me—I feel your pain. My net worth is falling. I did get laid off. And, nowadays, I don’t even check my bank account without a stiff drink in one hand and a good mood in the other.

Here's the thing, though. There are people for whom a little bit of your money could go a long way. And if you have hours a week to read fanfic, while away time on Twitter, and read blogs and fan sites like mine, chances are you've got it pretty good.

Even if you can only give a little, even if childhood cancer has never touched your life, even if you have reached or surpassed your planned giving for 2009, please follow the leadership of Ninapolitan, Lolashoes and tby789, who are organizing Twifans everywhere to raise money for this great cause on behalf of our generous fandom!

To learn more about the cause, and to help the Twilight Fandom reach a $10,000 fundraising goal, visit the

Twilight Fandom Gives Back

page on the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation web site.