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plot summary

Darby and Michael are thirty-something prodigies who are rising quickly in their fields. Dead-set on avoiding marriage, children, and other culprits that often derail illustrious careers, they strike up a simple arrangement: unattached companionship, toe-curling sex and a clean break when their tryst inevitably ends. When Michael is transferred half a world away, they forge a new agreement: to settle for the strong friendship that developed and leave the rest behind.

But when the distance becomes too much and friendship isn’t enough, they’re forced to face a choice neither one wanted to face: should they double down on their commitment to professional success or risk their promising careers in order to be together?

A steamy romantic novel, Snapdragon explores the modern dilemma of reconciling personal fulfillment with sexual gratification and professional success. It juxtaposes the punishing expectations of demanding jobs against the human desire for love and connection, spurring two mature adults to rewrite the book on what a 21st century relationship can be, and questioning the foregone conclusion that the two are mutually exclusive. 

Take a seat alongside Michael and Darby and witness a powerful romance that’s certain to singe the brows of readers who get a little too close to the flame. Be prepared for an epic affair that is deeply meaningful, desperately sexual, and inevitably bittersweet, one that knows love doesn’t conquer all, and keeps the reader wondering how it will end. 


get ready to fall in love with Snapdragon

Snapdragon deals not only with the quandary of choosing love over career, but also with the complexities of modern work-life. Michael is crumbling under the pressure of high expectations. Darby is being sabotaged by a misogynistic boss. Their powerful, intense intimacy does nothing to diminish the fact that deep fears about professional failure make their individual stakes high, and may ultimately drive them apart.

For Darby and Michael, falling in love is just the beginning, and the heart and soul of the story is not about surrendering to the love itself, but about surrendering parts of self in order let the love grow. It is bittersweet, with plenty of sugar to satisfy hopeless romantics, yet with complications that will captivate readers desperate to know whether it will come to a bitter end. 

Snapdragon rips open a new chapter in the romance genre, presenting complex characters, intense attraction, complicated choices and modern love for the real world.  It is for anyone who struggles with competing priorities and demands on their time, but who wants to believe in love.

We don’t get to choose who we fall in love with, or when that love comes. But we do get to choose how it ends. Snapdragon will cause readers to sigh in satisfaction, ache in empathy, and quiver in anticipation, eager to read the next page. And the next. And the next.