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Cover Designer for Snapdragon, Chrysalis, the Love Conquers None box set, The Art of Worship, Crocodile Tears, and The Secret Ingredient

Developmental Editor for Snapdragon

Developmental and Copy Editing for Chrysalis

eBook and Print Formatting for Snapdragon and Chrysalis

Go, Team Kilby!

Writing a book is one thing. Seeing it come together is another. Maintaining a sense of sanity and well-being while you’re doing it is a third. Huge thanks to my pro team, my street team and my midnight teams, and to Mr. Blades, of course!

Shout-out to My pro team

...for your seasoned professionalism as you help bring life, polish and flair to my writing product. Many of the compliments I receive are praise that's owed to you. 

to my ride-or-die super-fans

...for throwing so much love my way, and telling other people about my books, and for Facebook silliness. Because, Facebook.

to my midnight crew

...for reading and rereading, for talking me down from bad plot twists and crazy characterizations, from unforgivable omissions and other fic faux pas. For helping with, literally, everything, from cover art, to marketing, to not losing my shit.

to mR. blades

My greatest cheerleader, my very best friend, and the inspiration for