don't front. you can't wait for chrysaliS. here's info on the arc.

If you've reviewed Snapdragon, you will be eligible for an ARC. Want to sign up? It's easy:

  1. Review Snapdragon on both Amazon AND Goodreads. Grab the links to both of your Snapdragon reviews before you fill out this Google form
  2. Receive your ARC any time before 7/14 launch
  3. Reviews of Chrysalis are optional. However, if you review on Goodreads by launch day and and within 2 days of launch you'll be eligible for one of three exclusive $50 Amazon Gift Cards for super-reviewers like you!

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this giveaway is intended as a thank you opportunity for those who have read or purchased chrysalis. those who want chrysalis arcs must demonstrate that they read and reviewed snapdragon. entrants for other prizes must be arc recipients, or must demonstrate that they have purchased chrysalis in order to be eligible.

ARC GIVEAWAY: all arc reviewers must certify that they agree not to distribute or disclose any information related to chrysalis including but not limited to the manuscript or any details related to it. manuscripts with unique digital identifiers will be sent to individuals. this mechanism is a failsafe that will assist luxe publishing in identify unauthorized distribution of the manuscript.

other entrants: qualified winners will be selected at random and according to whatever specific giveaways they have entered. arc reviewers must enter the general giveaway separately from the arc giveaway. HARD OBJECT PRIZE WINNERS MAY CLAIM THEIR PRIZE ONLY IF SHIPPING under $10 IS AVAILABLE TO THEIR LOCATION. IF SHIPPING IS NOT AVAILABLE, An AMAZON GIFT CARD of equal value to the value of the prize WILL BE AWARDED INSTEAd. winners must claim their prizes within 48 hours and must be willing to accept a prize of equal value to the prize they won if the prize they won is unusable or useless to them for some reason.