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Writer's Digest Novel Writing Conference - How to Hire the Right Editor(s*): *Yes, You Need More than One

  • The Westin Pasadena 191 N Los Robles Ave Pasadena, CA 91101 (map)

There are no great editors—only great fits between editors and authors. The most experienced editor in the world can’t work manuscript magic if skills don’t match needs, if goals aren’t set, and if expectations are misaligned. Adding difficulty to the process of choosing an editor is the fact that four different kinds of editorial passes are needed for novel writing. Between developmental editing, line editing, copy editing, and proofreading, chances are you’ll have to hire more than one.

This workshop will introduce each of the four kinds of editing employed in the novel writing process. It will discuss editorial timelines and what to look for as you screen editors for help with your manuscript at different phases. It will go on to explore how to evaluate editors who advertise themselves as one-stop shops. Finally, it will talk through how to evaluate costs, negotiate contracts, and deal with issues that sometimes arise between editors and authors.

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